Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wow! So this post is really late. But oh well! Christmas is a busy time for us! Christmas Eve we go to my side of the family in Morrilton. Well let me just say that was an adventure to say the least! It had rained so much that part of the interstate was shut down. We had to take back roads and go way around. After about two hours in the car we finally made it. Let me just say Jadyn has NEVER been a good car rider! Probaly due to the fact that since I work from home she has never been in the car much! So, any trip longer than 30 minutes we hear a lot of crying, whining, and screaming. Good times!

So here are all the great grand kids (so far) on my dad's side of the family........

Gracie, Jadyn, Noah, Maddie, Brayden, and Aaron.........a real happy bunch!

Memaw and the girls

Christmas morning.........Gracie wanted a "pink" gun.......she was really excited.

Jadyn on the other hand was mad that we woke her up. She could have cared less about what santa brought or opening presents.

Judd and these little faces!

Olivia and Gracie

McDade cousins!

Our family after a long long long day! Cosmo is trying to jump up in my face!

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