Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Children's Church

Our church has a program for the kids for ages 2-5 or 6 and Jadyn has been going for the past few weeks. I stayed in there with Jadyn the first time. She clung to me, and didn't really want to participate at first. After snack she warmed up and loved singing along with the music. She's been going ever since and I have yet to get a bad report.

Big sister leading the way.

Gracie loves to go to children's church because of the cheese balls.

This past Sunday we had a Valentines banquet at church. The grown ups played a version of the newly wed game, and when we were done Jadyn and Grady hoped up in the chairs and said "my turn". Just look at the look on Jadyn's face.................we may be in trouble!

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