Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jadyn's upcoming birthday......

Oh how time flies! Seems like only yesterday my baby was born, and now I am about to have a feisty two year old on my hands! This little girl just melts my heart! She is so loving and sweet(most of the time), and almost always says "tank tyou"! Yes, I meant to put that "t" in front of you because that is how she says it! She can have conversations with you, and loves to tell me "Grace hit me," even when she didn't. I also love love the fact that she hears Gracie being called Grace so much that that is what she calls her! LOL! I break out the full name when I am being stern, so yes it does get used A LOT! Jadyn is my little adventurous one. She loves to climb, get into stuff, and usually is the ring leader of trouble! She climbs out of her bed, climbs in her dresser and throws all her clothes out, and can scoot any chair in the kitchen to get in the cabinets. Also, Jadyn is refusing to wear pants or socks now,and is even taking off her own diaper. Ugh, I will spare you the details! Here's her invitation this year, notice the tongue thing? That's in A LOT of her pictures these days!

Last night we went and handed out some invitations, and stopped by GG's to visit and of course make some beautiful music...............

My two sweet girls. Right now we like to say "no, my momma!" and then fight to both sit in my lap.

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  1. Wow, 2! Oh my word how time flies, and then to think I am only 4 months behind you of having 2 two year olds on my hands. I love the pics of her cuddling with Gracie. Cute invitation too.