Wednesday, December 9, 2009


One of our Christmas traditions that we have done the last several years is to go downtown and watch the parade and then see Santa. Then all the pictures get put on their website, so I thought it would be fun to show you my pictures from the last several years of visiting Santa. Let me just say I think our Santa is the best! He looks just like him, and he has the best personality!! (unlike the mall Santa's!!)


I think this was the first year she actually sat with Santa. I was so surprised there was no tears!


Oh, she made up for it here......Jadyn is just looking at her like "What's your problem?"

"Get this guy away from me!" As soon as we left the tears started flowing again, because she didn't tell Santa what she wanted and now he wasn't going to bring her anything.


Messing with her hat. I think she told Santa what she wanted? At this point we had already tried the picture below so I was trying to calm Jadyn down!

This picture is hilarious to me! I don't think Santa gets paid enough!
Every year, Gracie asks for stuff that she makes up, or something like aquaglobes. Well, this year I have been asking and asking and it's always "I'm thinking about it." Then she finally tells me, " I want pink binoculars." Whew! No running around trying to create something that doesn't exist this year.
Merry Christmas! and Happy shopping everyone!! We are going to Jonesboro this weekend to look at the lights, and do a little shopping since we can use my brothers discount card at Walmart!LOL!

Friday, December 4, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A BIG thank you to Jamie at Designs by Jamie ( check her out on the right!) for my Free Christams blog design!!

The deadline is today for the free design!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gracie's 5th Birthday- Oz style!

Ok, so these pictures are so out of order, but who knows maybe one of these days I will get it right? LOL!

Gracie's party was a hit! The weather was great, Gracie had a great time playing with her cousins and friends, and we all enjoyed roasting hot dogs! I love planning parties! I love searching the internet for different ideas, games, and decorations, BUT man it is a lot of work during the party getting everything done. I learned I can't lead the games, take pictures, AND socialize. I hate to ask people to volunteer to help. I did that for her 4th birthday, and some of my volunteers didn't show or forgot.............I'm thinking this might be the last big birthday party for Gracie. I think 5 years worth of big parties is good. What do you think?

Opening gifts.....with lots of help!

I don't have pictures of the kids actually playing this game, but here is the crabby apple toss, with Gracie and her friend Jaylin .

Playing pin the heart on the tin man..........notice the tongue?.......just something new she's trying out at EVERY photo opportunity!

Stuff the scarecrow..............I raked up a HUGE pile of leaves and buried the scarecrow clothes for the kids to stuff and put back together............

My sweet birthday girl Gracie/Dorothy!

The cake! 6 layers each a different color! And let me tell you that I'm glad I made a practice cake the week before because this one turned out sooooooo much better!!

This is on Gracie's actual birthday. We had a small family gathering! Her she is with her cousins, Olivia and Judd, and of course Jadyn!

Just look at this silly face! I just love this silly girl sooooooo much!!

We got her a bicycle ! She loves it!