Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

I will just say that this is the second year for us to go to the Schafers Pumpkin patch in Mayflower and it is well worth the drive. You go on a hayride to the pumpkin patch, where you pick your own pumpkin, for only five dollars!! The other pumpkin patch we used to go to charged per pound! We NEVER got two pumpkins for just ten dollars! Schafers is just a lot of fun! The hayride has halloween decorations set up along the way to the patch, a big playground area, and plenty of spots set up to take pictures!

Gracie and Alexis on the way to the pumpkin patch!


Jadyn is trying to pick up this pumpkin! This after she cried because she didn't want to walk through the pumpkin vines!

Jerred and mini-Jerred! Ha!

It was pretty cold out Saturday! It wouldn't have been too bad if the wind hadn't been blowing!

Pumpkin Patch 2009 part 2

As you can tell Jadyn just LOVED sitting on her pumpkin having her picture taken..............

Gracie is my little ham!

Jadyn and her Aunt Katie..................Jadyn- "hmmmmmmmmmm.....should I look at my mom? NO!"

Gracie actually took this picture on the way back!

"Hmmmmmm should I look at my mom this time? No!"

Jadyn decided while we were at the pumpkin patch that she was NOT going to look at
the camera, no matter who was taking the pictures!

Pumpkin patch 2009 part 3

Gracie posing...........sweet girl!
Look at these three beautiful little girls!

Me- "girls let me get your picture." girls drop to the ground and strike a pose. Silly!

After doing the pumpkin hayride, taking some pictures, playing on the playground, petting the animals at the petting zoo, taking the scenic hayride, eating a huge corndog, several meltdowns later Gracie finally got to do what she had her eyes on doing the moment we pulled in..................ride the ponies! This girl's face just lights up when she is on a horse!

My little cow girl in training!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dress for Sale!

Ok, I have this little dress for baby for sale if you or anyone you know may want to buy it! I'm selling it for $20.00!!!