Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jadyn's birthday part 2

I told myself I was going to be better about my blogging and try to do something everyday. Well, obviously that hasn't happened, and not because I don't have anything to put on here but because of the simple fact that I either forget or I am just mentally exhausted to where I don't think most of the time I even make sense. So, keep in mind when you read these that I keep 5 kids all day, 4 who are 2 and under.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jadyn's 2 birthday party

*Warning* there are A LOT of pictures here!

Jadyn had more of a birthday weekend celebration, than just a party. Her birthday was actually Sunday, but we just did a small family thing. Saturday was her big party/parties. We had a party at build-a-bear for the little kids around her age. That place was packed! Then we had a bigger party for everyone at Larry's pizza that night. We have been telling Jadyn that when she turns two that there would be no more mimi(paci) and I had read an idea of taking all your paci's and putting them in a bear. So we decided to do that and I've been talking to Jadyn about it for the past couple of weeks. Every time we had the talk about it she would cry. Ugh........ The week before her party I kept mimi away a little more each day. I will not lie to you. It did NOT go over well and it took some coaxing to get her to put them in the dog, but she did eventually. So here is our long day of pictures!

In the car on the way to build a bear.........Jadyn " i want mimi" HI gracie in the back!

Waiting on everyone to get there.............
family picture.......for some reason it is teeny tiny............

bye bye mimi's............


mimi dog...............

Big sister gracie stuffing her dog........cinderella

Getting mimi dressed

brushing her hair.................

AT the end everyone in the store sang Happy birthday and between each verse you sway your arms and say "cha cha cha". She just looked at us like we were all crazy!

Fast forward to the big family party at Larry's pizza.............

We asked for clothes since we have more than enough toys, by the second or third bag, she just shoved it and said no!

Getting close to bedtime, she's looking for a "clean mimi" I let her look for herself to see there was no mimi's in there!

Picture is awful because it was taken with my phone, but here she is crying for her mimi. She really did good, and only cried for about 5-10 minutes. She tried to find the mimi dog's "pocket" to get her mimis out and pulled a chunk of fur out trying.

OH what a big yawn!

That first night was nothing like I thought it would be! I expected to be up half the night, but she was worn out from her big day! And while I would love to say that she loves her mimi dog and just cuddles it and plays with it, I think she hates it! Daddy asked her after her nap the next day where mimi was , and she said " mimi gone gone"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mommie, Gracie,Jadyn day

This weekend we had a mommie,Gracie, and Jadyn day. Daddy had a class in Camden, and since there are always other kids around I decided to treat my girls to a day. We slept in, Gracie made a picture for Bindi the jungle girl (her new obsession) , and then it was off to town. These pictures are taken with my phone so ignore the blurriness!

Here we are at Wal-mart. We ate lunch at the Subway and then did our grocery shopping. This is a rare moment in wal-mart where Jadyn is not standing or hanging half-way out the cart. The seat belt is just a joke!

After Wal-mart, we went to the movies to see Chipmunks the squekquel. It was pretty cute! Let me say that staying in line to get movie snacks and keeping up with Jadyn was an ordeal. She kept running in to the game room, and I had to keep going after her each time losing my place in line. Finally we got it all together and headed into our movie. (which had already started)

Jadyn did good thru the movie up until the last 10-15 minutes. She sat there and ate on her sour punch straw the whole movie. That's pretty good for an almost two year old. ( I think) When we got out it was past nap time, so Jadyn was asleep before we got out of the parking lot! Gracie wasn't too far behind that. Overall, it was a good day........................=)

Children's Church

Our church has a program for the kids for ages 2-5 or 6 and Jadyn has been going for the past few weeks. I stayed in there with Jadyn the first time. She clung to me, and didn't really want to participate at first. After snack she warmed up and loved singing along with the music. She's been going ever since and I have yet to get a bad report.

Big sister leading the way.

Gracie loves to go to children's church because of the cheese balls.

This past Sunday we had a Valentines banquet at church. The grown ups played a version of the newly wed game, and when we were done Jadyn and Grady hoped up in the chairs and said "my turn". Just look at the look on Jadyn's face.................we may be in trouble!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where's Jadyn?

I wonder where Jadyn is?.....................

There she is!

Gracie getting in on the picture taking action!

since I'm in here...............

Just a normal night at the McDade house.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jadyn's upcoming birthday......

Oh how time flies! Seems like only yesterday my baby was born, and now I am about to have a feisty two year old on my hands! This little girl just melts my heart! She is so loving and sweet(most of the time), and almost always says "tank tyou"! Yes, I meant to put that "t" in front of you because that is how she says it! She can have conversations with you, and loves to tell me "Grace hit me," even when she didn't. I also love love the fact that she hears Gracie being called Grace so much that that is what she calls her! LOL! I break out the full name when I am being stern, so yes it does get used A LOT! Jadyn is my little adventurous one. She loves to climb, get into stuff, and usually is the ring leader of trouble! She climbs out of her bed, climbs in her dresser and throws all her clothes out, and can scoot any chair in the kitchen to get in the cabinets. Also, Jadyn is refusing to wear pants or socks now,and is even taking off her own diaper. Ugh, I will spare you the details! Here's her invitation this year, notice the tongue thing? That's in A LOT of her pictures these days!

Last night we went and handed out some invitations, and stopped by GG's to visit and of course make some beautiful music...............

My two sweet girls. Right now we like to say "no, my momma!" and then fight to both sit in my lap.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday and SNOW!

Meet Frosty, Gracie's first ever snowman. Wow! She is five years old and this is her very first snowman. I think we did a pretty good job consdering it had been raining off and on all day, even when we were out there.
Jadyn could have cared less about making a snowman. She just does her own thing most of the time. She wandered around the yard just looking around.
So proud of her snowman.......

I love to look out and watch it pretty and peaceful. Makes me wish for a big bay window, a book, and cup of coffee.
We still have snow on the ground, but the sun is shining. I sure hope frosty makes it! Gracie wants it to be there forever! LOL!

This past weekend was my birthday. It all started out pretty good. Went to wal-mart Friday night to do my shopping, front space parking without having to drive around. Whoo-hooo!! Then decided to treat myself to some movies at hastings. Let me just say, I love my netflix for the simple fact that there are no late fees, but I suspended it when all the fall shows started back up. So, needless to say I was worried that I was going to be paying a bunch of late fees at Hastings since we can't seem to get movies back on time.=) Not only was there NO late fees, but I had CREDITS! Enough credits that I got one of my movies FREE!! Whoo-hoo!! All that good luck had to come to an end sometime..............Saturday was my birthday and this is what I did first thing Saturday morning.....................

Sure is pretty huh? That will teach me to go in the laundry room! I guess I'm banned from going in there? Ha! I wish! I had a pretty low key day from there. I watched some movies, we went to town , and ate at my mother -in- laws. I've been wanting to go to a pottery place and make a utensil holder with my girls, so my hubby took me to do it! I will post pictures of it when we pick it up. I forgot to take pictures while we were there.

Gracie and my dad made me this cake...........homemade pineapple! Yum!

I'm in the chair, at this point it was LATE, and my foot was killing me!

Sunday I did NOTHING! I mean absolutely nothing. I even took a three hour nap! I was trying to stay off my foot as much as possible preparing myself for kiddos the next day! Then we got the snow! I spent most of the day on the couch reading Dear John. I was somewhat disappointed, but I won't go into to it. I did read today that the movie ends different. I can't wait to go and see it. Hopefully this weekend!!