Monday, April 27, 2009

Sardis Tournament April 25, 2009

Well, we finished fourth in this Tournament. The girls got medals and were so excited about them! I wonder what they would do if we won a trophy?!! I'm just glad they are having fun, and they think we win every game!!

Macey, Gracie, and Jaylin

The girls getting their medals. I thought this picture was cute of them holding hands!!

Mamou, way to multi-task, on the phone and corralling two kids with ring pops!!

This is a common site of Gracie out there playing in the dirt............

But she stopped two balls and even ran the ball to second base to watch the runner!! She hit the ball a few times, but we were playing teams that have played a couple of years, so they got to the ball fast and both times tagged our runner going home and it always seemed like that was the last out.
I think our girls did pretty good today! We have improved so much since our first game! Our last game was really close, and if we hadn't made a few newbie mistakes, I think we could have won!!
Next weekend, we have another tournament and we are suppose to play again Monday night but I think we may get rained out!!

McDade Family Garden

Jadyn "helping" daddy with the garden. She was helping him pat down the dirt but as soon as Princess ran over there she was just following her around. And she decided to break one of the tomato plants.

I love this picture!!! She is running after Princess just going wherever she goes!

" We have manure on our hands!!"

Ok, here's the conversation the conversation that went down......Jerred is digging a hole for a tomato plant and finds a caterpillar, and Rita tells him that he needs to kill it because it will eat the plants.
Olivia- "NO, don't kill it!! I will move it!"
Jerred and Rita- " It will just come back and eat our plants."
Now, it's at this point that Jerred takes the shovel and kills the caterpillar.
Olivia-" WWaaaahhhhh.............YOU KILLED IT!"
Gracie- " It's ok Olivia, it will come back."
Olivia cried for like 5 minutes for this little caterpillar and Gracie was consoling her.
Well, except in this picture it looks like Gracie is flipping her hair. What a girl!!

Ha ha ha............I just really looked at this picture........................ Olivia has a big scoop of manure smelling it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lil Sparks vs. Pink Ponies

Go Sissy!!!
Judd, Olivia, and Jadyn cheering on Gracie!!

The McDade cousin's.............Gracie is at bat!

She looks so serious! She didn't hit the ball tonight............=(

WoW! She's actually not in the dirt right now playing...............and she looks somewhat ready to stop the ball.

We won this game! Woo-hoo go Sparks!! 5-1
This game was last Thursday, but I didn't have a chance to post the pictures until now. We played last night, but I didn't get to take any pictures because I was doing the scorebook, and watching Jadyn!! Fun!! We played Lightning and won 8-2!! Gracie hit the first pitch thrown to her and actually scored a run!! I was surprised ( not that she hit the ball but that she scored a run) because she doesn't run the bases, she justs jogs and then when she gets two or three steps away just walks to it. All of our girls hit the ball last night! It was GREAT!!!
We play again tonight if we don't get rained out!!
Go Lil Sparks!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just some funny pictures

Don't you just love when food gets stuck to their sweet little faces??

goldfish anyone?


He posed, I took it anyway!! Too cute!!

Gracie and Mallory decided to work for Home Depot because they got these cool orange aprons to wear. "Excuse me mam, can you show me where I can find some paint?" answer " Like we would know, we just want to wear the apron!"

Some weekend fun!

Look out world!! Here is a glimpse of 16 years in the future!! Already fighting over what to listen to on the radio! I bet she wins....................

Corbin and Jadyn on there first date, but big sister Gracie is being their chaperon!!
And let me tell you, I hope her driving improves before she gets on the road because right now she likes fast and furious!!! She threw poor Corbin out of the back of HIS truck at least 3 times!

Look out Lady!!! I don't think the brakes work!!!

Jadyn looks like she is hanging over the door!! I'm glad there was seat belts!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jadyn's Easter

Jadyn grabbed her new cup first thing!! It has a straw, and she LOVES to drink from a straw!

She still has that cute sleppy face! Not really interested with the rest at this point!!
I think this is when she found one of sissy's jelly beans on the floor, and decided that what was in these bags was good stuff!!! She ate several chocolate candies wrapper and all!!

At memaw's...............Notice the big chocolate drool stain on the dress?? Niiiiiccccccceeeeee!!!

Jadyn is VERY much a creature of habit like her sister! She just doesn't like to be rocked to sleep, she wants to lay in HER bed and go to sleep. So, Easter was spent with her having a 45 minute nap in the car and her being grouchy all day long!!
Good times, good times!!!

Gracie's Easter

WoW!! Because of the weather we really didn't get any great Easter pics of the girls, and I didn't even get ONE together!! So, we will probaly stage some shots later. But here is Gracie at memaws and I'm glad I got her to be still and smile for 2.2 seconds for this.......

Gracie's chocolate covered marshmallow bunny!! We started the day off with a good sugar rush!!

Man, was she being silly!!!

This is my favorite.......She saw her candy bracelets and looked up and said "THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY!!!!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Sparks vs. Lil Crushers

Ok, I wasn't thinking and uploaded these backwards!!

Here Gracie is at Second, her hands in her pockets, and when she went to third she kind of jogged half way and then she walked and of course got tagged.

Gracie, even though she was crying, hit the ball.

It was VERY cold!! I didn't take Jadyn to this game, that's how cold it was!!
Gracie spent most of the game on the field, hands in her pockets, and crying. Her second time to bat she just stood there crying and wouldn't even swing the bat.
We didn't hit the ball until the end of the game. We had several tag outs which we were all proud of !!!
We lost. It was cold. End of story.......................

sardis fest day 2 part 2............

I love this picture!!

Well, Saturday we started at 12 and lost our first game. Then we played again at 3 and won!!! OUr first win and also gracie's first time to hit the ball!! Then we played again at 5 and lost. We tied for third place. It was a long hot day at the ballpark, but the girls had a good time and learned a lot!!!!

Listen to our girls chattering!!! Towards the end you will hear me scream "that's Gracie!" that would be because one of our girls tagged Gracie instead of the other team!! Ha!

Sardisfest Day 1 Friday 4-3-09

Well, Friday started our long weekend at the ball park with Olivia playing at 7 and Gracie playing at 8. Here's Judd and Jadyn sitting in their Easter gifts from Mamou and Grandpa!!

Sucker time!! Anything to keep them happy!! Jadyn's looking at Judd's sucker probaly thinking "hmmm........I wonder if he's tastes better?!!"
It was pretty chilly, but Gracie did pretty good!! I don't think any balls came her way that she was able to get. In fact, in the car on the way home she started crying because no one threw (hit) her the ball.

She didn't have any success hitting the ball this night either.

It was Alissa's birthday so they all had cupcakes before the game!! Yumm!!! Sugar rush!! Unfortunately all the sugar didn't help us in the game! I'm not going to name names or trash talk or any of that, but the team that we were playing had NO business playing in this tournament!! And that's all I'm going to say about that!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game 2- 3-31-2009

Lil' Sparks vs. Lady Bugs March 31 at 6

Gracie getting ready to go bat. This is a normal occurence for her to be drawing in the dirt with her bat.

Getting ready! She still has a lot to learn about watching the ball. She didn't hit the ball tonight either, but she sure can swing the bat!!

Gracie's cheer team.........Jadyn, Judd, and Corbin. Corbin is more interested in his cookie to look at me, and Jadyn I'm sure is about two seconds away from saying "mom-ma". I love it!! Corbin finally realized Gracie was out on the field, and he was pointing at her and just squeeling!!

I don't think she was as into the game tonight. She was sitting in the dirt a lot, twirling around, make a big dirt pile, and complaining about how cold it was. She did stop a few balls. One thing she has going for her is even though she doesn't pay attention she still gets to the ball!!

Good game girls!! I wish I had got the picture after this as they were coming back and running and screaming like a bunch of wild GIRLS!!

We played much better this game! We didn't win though, but it was close 4-3. We REALLY need to work on what to do with the ball once we get it. Gracie needs to hit the ball so we can see her in action!!
Friday and Saturday we are playing in a tournament in Sardis. I think it will be good practice for these girls!! Whew! It's going to be a long weekend! I guess this is only the beginning of our time spent at the ball park! So proud to be a sporty girl's mom!!!
Go Lil' Sparks!!!