Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lil Sparks vs Pink ponies

Wow!! I can't even believe that we have improved sooooo much since the beginning of the season! We won tonight 11-0!!! Everyone had at least one good hit! Our defense is still lacking a bit, but our bats are on fire!!!

We play again tomorrow night in Sardis a rain-out game, and I reaaaaalllyyyyy hope we do as good as we have been doing!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gracie's Homerun!!

Well, my husband keeps reminding me to put this on here..................even though I have no pictures. Last Wednesday's game Gracie hit her first home run!!! It was at the end of the game and we needed to score some runs to win the game, and she brought two girls in winning the game!! So, exciting!!

Now, if we could just get her to actually run fast!!

more old folks singing pictures.....

Old Folks Singing........part 1

So, for all you people who don't live in Tull, Old folks singing began in 1885 after the land for the Ebenezer United Methodist Church was bought and built and the third Sunday in May was the dedication of the church. The other two community churches were invited for a "dinner on the grounds" as they called it. There was a regular service in the morning and then a break for lunch and then singing from the Christian Harmony book. It was such a success that the church decided to make it an annual event of singing using the old books, and called it "Old Folks Singing". This was the 124th year, my 9th year to go, and it just amazes me every year. This is a family tradition, that not just our family attends, but many families. Songs are sung, stories are told, good food is shared, and most importantly you are a part of a on-going tradition. One that I hope that my children will someday be standing at the front of that old church telling their favorite old folks singing story, and singing one of those old hymns...............

Don't you just love their faces..........I think this is a good yearbook picture!

Just your normal,average, typical weekend in Tull

Just to warn you, the content you are about to see is explicit..........If you are easily grossed out, don't look, if you have a heart condition, you should consult your doctor before shows several criminal acts that occur here in Tull. First of all we have a serious case of cross-dressing..............note: you were warned!!

Sandie Jeree, Nina Ernestine/Ophelia Mcgoover, Gwendolyn Troyce, Jane Erica, &Sadie Jeredine
Just so you know, this was for the Tullfest Variety show. All of these beautiful women (men) are Tull volunteer firefighters!

And last but not least, I have heard that Tull has a Crack problem........................

Well, there's your laugh for the day!! I hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ball game............from a couple of weeks ago!

Ok, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, and the reason it took so long to get them on here is for some reason my computer wouldn't rotate my pictures. I wasn't about to put sideways pictures on here.............Enjoy!

Jadyn and her ring pop that lasted maybe 5 minutes until she dropped it in the dirt.

Gracie has been hitting the ball more, and this game she scored a run!! We really need to work on running!!!

Jadyn and Corbin sitting together and eating their ring pops! ( pre-dirt)

One of the other mom's ALWAYS brings a snack for Jadyn, and Jadyn knows this so as soon as I let her out of the stroller she went over to Amber's stroller and started digging in her bag! Oh, and she always gives her the good messy snacks that I don't give her because she is messy enough!!

I can't believe that we have won our last 4 season games!!! We don't do so well in tournaments for some reason, but we are improving!!

Our last 3 games have been rained out!! Can you believe it? It's not like we've had much rain!=)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NO more mOnKeYs JuMpInG on the BeD!

Olivia and Gracie are practicing for Dancing with the Stars way in the future.................

Playing no more monkeys jumping on the bed, Jadyn and Judd are "helping". LOL!!

Jadyn and Judd

I know this picture is blurry, but oh well you have to be quick and this was the only one I got.........Now for the story, Mamou decided to stip both babies down, and well Judd was a little curious and pinched her chi-chi la la's and she was soooo upset about it!!

Belly button! Belly button!!

She just laid there and let him blow raspberries on her tummy!


If you live out here in the big town of Tull, you have probaly drove by and seen our newest guests. We have four mallards that come every year and stay a couple of months and then move on. I don't know if they are wild, or we have been told that they may belong to a neighbor. We have a creek behind our house that around this time of the year floods into our yard and they love it here because it is so marshy ( probaly not a word). Since we have had a monsoon lately the ducks have had plenty of water to swim in.................

There are 3 males and one female. Gracie named them Sparkle, Oswald, Prince Phillip, and Shane Gray...............