Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mommie, Gracie,Jadyn day

This weekend we had a mommie,Gracie, and Jadyn day. Daddy had a class in Camden, and since there are always other kids around I decided to treat my girls to a day. We slept in, Gracie made a picture for Bindi the jungle girl (her new obsession) , and then it was off to town. These pictures are taken with my phone so ignore the blurriness!

Here we are at Wal-mart. We ate lunch at the Subway and then did our grocery shopping. This is a rare moment in wal-mart where Jadyn is not standing or hanging half-way out the cart. The seat belt is just a joke!

After Wal-mart, we went to the movies to see Chipmunks the squekquel. It was pretty cute! Let me say that staying in line to get movie snacks and keeping up with Jadyn was an ordeal. She kept running in to the game room, and I had to keep going after her each time losing my place in line. Finally we got it all together and headed into our movie. (which had already started)

Jadyn did good thru the movie up until the last 10-15 minutes. She sat there and ate on her sour punch straw the whole movie. That's pretty good for an almost two year old. ( I think) When we got out it was past nap time, so Jadyn was asleep before we got out of the parking lot! Gracie wasn't too far behind that. Overall, it was a good day........................=)

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