Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game 2- 3-31-2009

Lil' Sparks vs. Lady Bugs March 31 at 6

Gracie getting ready to go bat. This is a normal occurence for her to be drawing in the dirt with her bat.

Getting ready! She still has a lot to learn about watching the ball. She didn't hit the ball tonight either, but she sure can swing the bat!!

Gracie's cheer team.........Jadyn, Judd, and Corbin. Corbin is more interested in his cookie to look at me, and Jadyn I'm sure is about two seconds away from saying "mom-ma". I love it!! Corbin finally realized Gracie was out on the field, and he was pointing at her and just squeeling!!

I don't think she was as into the game tonight. She was sitting in the dirt a lot, twirling around, make a big dirt pile, and complaining about how cold it was. She did stop a few balls. One thing she has going for her is even though she doesn't pay attention she still gets to the ball!!

Good game girls!! I wish I had got the picture after this as they were coming back and running and screaming like a bunch of wild GIRLS!!

We played much better this game! We didn't win though, but it was close 4-3. We REALLY need to work on what to do with the ball once we get it. Gracie needs to hit the ball so we can see her in action!!
Friday and Saturday we are playing in a tournament in Sardis. I think it will be good practice for these girls!! Whew! It's going to be a long weekend! I guess this is only the beginning of our time spent at the ball park! So proud to be a sporty girl's mom!!!
Go Lil' Sparks!!!

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