Monday, April 27, 2009

McDade Family Garden

Jadyn "helping" daddy with the garden. She was helping him pat down the dirt but as soon as Princess ran over there she was just following her around. And she decided to break one of the tomato plants.

I love this picture!!! She is running after Princess just going wherever she goes!

" We have manure on our hands!!"

Ok, here's the conversation the conversation that went down......Jerred is digging a hole for a tomato plant and finds a caterpillar, and Rita tells him that he needs to kill it because it will eat the plants.
Olivia- "NO, don't kill it!! I will move it!"
Jerred and Rita- " It will just come back and eat our plants."
Now, it's at this point that Jerred takes the shovel and kills the caterpillar.
Olivia-" WWaaaahhhhh.............YOU KILLED IT!"
Gracie- " It's ok Olivia, it will come back."
Olivia cried for like 5 minutes for this little caterpillar and Gracie was consoling her.
Well, except in this picture it looks like Gracie is flipping her hair. What a girl!!

Ha ha ha............I just really looked at this picture........................ Olivia has a big scoop of manure smelling it!!!

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