Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gracie's First Softball Game 3-30-2009

Last night was a BIG night for us. Gracie had opening ceremonies for her first year of softball at 6:00 and then her first game in Bryant at 8:00. Here is her biggest fan cheering her on!!! Go sissy!!

Gracie up to bat!! She didn't hit any, but she tried really hard and made some good swings!!

GET READY!! That's what I kept yelling out to her. She did a really good job stopping the ball when she wasn't twirling around or kicking her leg up in the air!!

ATTACK!! That's what I thought when they would go after the ball. Gracie is #31(her daddy's sports number!) in the middle, she got the ball but like everyone else was unsure what to do with the ball once she got it.

Well, they moved to quick for me to catch the right shot, but just before Gracie and Coach daddy were walking out and if I had to guess he was giving her a pep talk!

Unfortunately, we lost this game. I won't tell you the score because hey they're still little and it doesn't matter, right?! What's important is that they have fun and they learn something, and judging by what I saw last night we have A LOT to learn!! I will add that 8:00 is too late for these little girls to be playing ball!! I think that was a lot of the problem was that it was so late. One of the dugout moms told me that Gracie was crying for me in the dugout!!
We play again tonight at 6, and I hope that we do better!!!
Fingers crossed, we want Gracie to hit the ball tonight!!
Go Lil Sparks!

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  1. Too cute. I remember when I use to play at that age, actually I don't remember a whole lot but looking at videos we didn't pretty much the same thing. That is what part of the fun is!