Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lil Sparks vs. Pink Ponies

Go Sissy!!!
Judd, Olivia, and Jadyn cheering on Gracie!!

The McDade cousin's.............Gracie is at bat!

She looks so serious! She didn't hit the ball tonight............=(

WoW! She's actually not in the dirt right now playing...............and she looks somewhat ready to stop the ball.

We won this game! Woo-hoo go Sparks!! 5-1
This game was last Thursday, but I didn't have a chance to post the pictures until now. We played last night, but I didn't get to take any pictures because I was doing the scorebook, and watching Jadyn!! Fun!! We played Lightning and won 8-2!! Gracie hit the first pitch thrown to her and actually scored a run!! I was surprised ( not that she hit the ball but that she scored a run) because she doesn't run the bases, she justs jogs and then when she gets two or three steps away just walks to it. All of our girls hit the ball last night! It was GREAT!!!
We play again tonight if we don't get rained out!!
Go Lil Sparks!!

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  1. Go Sparks! Glad ya won the game. Love the hairbow! Adorable!