Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sardisfest Day 1 Friday 4-3-09

Well, Friday started our long weekend at the ball park with Olivia playing at 7 and Gracie playing at 8. Here's Judd and Jadyn sitting in their Easter gifts from Mamou and Grandpa!!

Sucker time!! Anything to keep them happy!! Jadyn's looking at Judd's sucker probaly thinking "hmmm........I wonder if he's tastes better?!!"
It was pretty chilly, but Gracie did pretty good!! I don't think any balls came her way that she was able to get. In fact, in the car on the way home she started crying because no one threw (hit) her the ball.

She didn't have any success hitting the ball this night either.

It was Alissa's birthday so they all had cupcakes before the game!! Yumm!!! Sugar rush!! Unfortunately all the sugar didn't help us in the game! I'm not going to name names or trash talk or any of that, but the team that we were playing had NO business playing in this tournament!! And that's all I'm going to say about that!

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