Monday, April 27, 2009

Sardis Tournament April 25, 2009

Well, we finished fourth in this Tournament. The girls got medals and were so excited about them! I wonder what they would do if we won a trophy?!! I'm just glad they are having fun, and they think we win every game!!

Macey, Gracie, and Jaylin

The girls getting their medals. I thought this picture was cute of them holding hands!!

Mamou, way to multi-task, on the phone and corralling two kids with ring pops!!

This is a common site of Gracie out there playing in the dirt............

But she stopped two balls and even ran the ball to second base to watch the runner!! She hit the ball a few times, but we were playing teams that have played a couple of years, so they got to the ball fast and both times tagged our runner going home and it always seemed like that was the last out.
I think our girls did pretty good today! We have improved so much since our first game! Our last game was really close, and if we hadn't made a few newbie mistakes, I think we could have won!!
Next weekend, we have another tournament and we are suppose to play again Monday night but I think we may get rained out!!

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