Wednesday, March 25, 2009

more zoo pics

Jerred, Gracie, and Jadyn

Gracie looking at the rhinos. Gracie said " you know they are dinosaurs!"

Looking at the bird ( not really sure what it is). Jadyn saying her favorite word " Loooook!"

So, glad to be out of the wagon, but it didn't last long!!

Alexis, Gracie, and Jadyn

What a great day we had!! We slept in, lounged around the house, and then we were like " Let's get out of here!" So, we took the girls to the Little Rock Zoo. The zoo has gotten a bad rep due to all the construction, but they are making progress and there are not many exhibits closed. They have a new exhibit (well new to us since we haven't been in so long!) the lorikeets. You can walk in with all the birds and they fly all around you. Pretty neat, but I was worried one might land on the girls and bite them. It didn't happen! The weather was nice so most of the animals were out. The gorillas were out and playing, the bears had a birthday party so some were still playing with boxes and wrapping paper, and the river otters were out socializing with the kids. Jadyn got to get out of the wagon for a little while, but she didn't want to hold our hand, and she is still wobbly and of course fell and scraped her forehead up pretty good. Gracie really had a good time, and on the way home (we always talk about what we did) asked her what her favorite animal was, she said the lions. Then that became a game, " my favorite animal had stripes", so we had to try to guess, " Tiger", no, "zebra", no, and so on and so on. Until we heard a little whisper, "try the ant eater". Then we got it. Too funny she was helping us out!!
We did a little running around after that while the girls napped in the car. We had a gift card to eat at On the border. The food was good, but the service was awful. We got some free cheese dip out of the deal though.
Next was the weekend grocery shopping trip to walmart. That's always fun..........not. It was after 9 by the time we got home. Whew! What an exhausting day!!

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