Monday, March 9, 2009

What a great day for a picnic!!

We had a great weekend! Saturday we had a birthday party at Mills park in Bryant, and it was nice outside but very windy!! Then we did the dreaded grocery shopping at walmart! It was so nice outside that we went to Lake Katherine for an afternoon picnic with the family! We had hot dogs and chilli and chips and a great time visiting and relaxing and watching the kids play!!

I tell you this girl of mine Gracie is so hard to get pictures of her sometimes!! She thinks she's too busy or she just makes some of the silliest faces!! this one is actually good!

Jadyn loved playing in the leaves and rocks, but she also loved trying to eat them!

Jerred insisted that we bring our big great dane, JoJo with us. He was good and he loved being out with us! (Jo is only 1 year old and he is not full grown yet!)

My little baby is walking now! She really just decided this past week to get up and go!

Silly girls!! I love you!!

We ended our little trip with a walk by the lake! What a great Saturday!!

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