Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lake Catherine 8/13- 8/22/2010

When it came time to talk about our vacation this year, we just kept putting off that discussion, and before we knew it it was nearly August. Between softball, Gracie starting kindergarten, and being sure to give my daycare parents plenty of notice, that didn't leave much of a vacation to actually get away. So, we decided to plan a stay-cation. The only week we could set something up was the week that Gracie started school since she was starting on Friday. We decided to spend some time in Hot Springs since we live about 45 minutes from there. Lake Catherine State Park has a beautiful campground, and you are close enough to Hot Springs that you can still go out.

We LOVE camping, but for this little girl when comes time to go to bed she wants to go home. Jerred told her " this is your home, at the lake. When we are at the lake that is your room. So go to your room and go to sleep." LOL! She got in her bed and went to sleep. If only it was that easy at home!

Gracie spent the night with a friend Friday night, so mamou and Olivia brought her to the lake. We went horseback riding, and these girls loved it! Especially my little cowgirl!

Although, you see the massively giant horse in the back? This big guy scared her! His name is Big Foot, and he is the most gentle horse they have! He is the kid horse! His ears are as long as my hand!

We have some impatient cowgirls on our hands!

Taking a group picture of the girls and this horse gets closer and closer.............

To Jadyn's head. He was licking her helmet.

Gracie riding Ernie.

Olivia riding Pepsi.

Jerred and Jadyn got Big Foot. Jadyn was so mad
at her daddy, because she wanted to ride by herself.
"this is MY horse!

It was VERY hard to take pictures while riding. Especially since my horse wanted to try to rub my leg on EVERY tree we passed.

These geese (and a few ducks) came to our campsite every day at about the same time. We fed them some crackers and bread. Our last day I saw a sign that said "Do not feed the geese" Ooops!

We did a lot of this.
Just hanging out.

Cosmo went with us. He is a great traveling dog!

Who would have guessed a malshi would LOVE the water so much?! He got off his leash a few times and took off into the lake.
When I looked through the camera to look at all our pictures, there wasn't very many. I guess I spent more time relaxing then documenting our vacation. Oh well. It was nice.

The last weekend a bunch of family came up and we hung out. These three girls are best friends, no matter their age difference.

We did a lot of hanging out, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, and card playing. It was a great week, but I was so glad to be home! After living in the camper for a week my house felt huge to me. Since we made a couple of trips home during the week, our laundry wasn't that bad either!
I'm ready to go back though.

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