Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, close to perfect...............We ate at gg's house Friday night and it was yummy! Jadyn kept going in and out so I think someone (hmmmmm) locked the door to keep her in.

"momma it stuck"

Saturday we set up the little pool for a little bit...............this is always a big hit!

Nothing like drinking from the hose!

After lunch we took a drive to Hot Springs to check out some campsites for our "stay"cation. We went to just about every campsite on Lake Quachita but just didn't find any as nice as it is at Lake Catherine. This is at Lake Catherine........

Jadyn and Cosmo on the dock. Gracie was at a wedding with Mamou so Jadyn got in some qt with just mom and dad!

"chhheeeessseee" I love this little face!

Next we drove around in Diamondhead, and found a little park that had some old playground equipment. I thought it was neat since a lot of the stuff out there I had played on at a different park when I was little.

Even daddies play too!

We drove through just about every campsite on Lake Quachita before we headed back towards Hot Springs. We decided to eat at Rod's Pizza Cellar. It is soooo good! Jadyn tried some pickled okra and loved it!

We had a long day, but a great day! We can't wait to spend our week at the lake!

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