Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Barnyard Friends

On the Fourth of July,we went to camp at Petit Jean with my dad and Vicki. It is so peaceful up there and we were lucky enough to have a spot right on the lake. (you can't swim in it but they do have a nice pool to use) We wanted to do something the kids would enjoy so we thought about going on a trail ride, but after looking at the prices we decided against that!! Instead we went into the petting zoo. You would think that since we basically have our own petting zoo that the girls wouldn't be to interested but they loved it! There are a lot of different animals there, i.e. cows, donkeys, goats, miniature horses, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, feret, sheep. You name it, it was there! There was even two tiny baby deer. So cute!!

Lucky for the girls, Jadyn had spilled some sweet tea on her shirt so they LOVED her!!

"momma, it follow me!"

Took a while to catch this little guy, but well worth it!

There was just too much going on to get her to look at me!

Gracie, of course, was all over the place so I didn't get many pictures of her!

Something they should be used to...............chasing chickens!

I think this is funny, they are both smiling, not looking at me, but looking in the same direction!

oh, and this donkey was drinking some cherry crush at one point! LOL!

Ready to see what's out there!

sissy, give me a push!

Time for our pony rides!

Cowgirl Gracie!

Patiently waiting her turn. If you know this girl, you know patience is NOT in her vocabulary!

First time on a horse! She was grinning ear to ear!

Well worth the visit to Barnyard Friends! As much as they have there, I kind of feel like they take in peoples unwanted animals/pets! After standing out there in the hot hot sun we went swimming, but that didn't last long! Gracie could swim all day, Jadyn doesn't care too much for it after about an hour! She thinks she is big enough to swim without help of any kind, life jacket included!
We skipped the fireworks show at Petit Jean since Jadyn was so whiney and tired! We could hear the booms from our campsite, but couldn't see any of them! Oh well, the girls found some on T.v. to watch and that was good enough for them and good enough for my sanity!

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