Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gracie's 5th Birthday- Oz style!

Ok, so these pictures are so out of order, but who knows maybe one of these days I will get it right? LOL!

Gracie's party was a hit! The weather was great, Gracie had a great time playing with her cousins and friends, and we all enjoyed roasting hot dogs! I love planning parties! I love searching the internet for different ideas, games, and decorations, BUT man it is a lot of work during the party getting everything done. I learned I can't lead the games, take pictures, AND socialize. I hate to ask people to volunteer to help. I did that for her 4th birthday, and some of my volunteers didn't show or forgot.............I'm thinking this might be the last big birthday party for Gracie. I think 5 years worth of big parties is good. What do you think?

Opening gifts.....with lots of help!

I don't have pictures of the kids actually playing this game, but here is the crabby apple toss, with Gracie and her friend Jaylin .

Playing pin the heart on the tin man..........notice the tongue?.......just something new she's trying out at EVERY photo opportunity!

Stuff the scarecrow..............I raked up a HUGE pile of leaves and buried the scarecrow clothes for the kids to stuff and put back together............

My sweet birthday girl Gracie/Dorothy!

The cake! 6 layers each a different color! And let me tell you that I'm glad I made a practice cake the week before because this one turned out sooooooo much better!!

This is on Gracie's actual birthday. We had a small family gathering! Her she is with her cousins, Olivia and Judd, and of course Jadyn!

Just look at this silly face! I just love this silly girl sooooooo much!!

We got her a bicycle ! She loves it!

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