Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Under the Stars-George of the Jungle

So this past Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over ( like 50 people!) and we had an outdoor movie showing of George of the Jungle!! It was so much fun, and I think everyone enjoyed it! Everyone got here around 8 and the kids played out in the yard while we were waiting on it to get dark enough to start the movie. I think we ended up starting the movie around 8:45. We supplied the popcorn and drinks and had everyone bring movie snacks. This is the snack table after the kids and there is still a bunch of candy, and if you look under the table there are two bags that didn't even get opened! We have enough left over that next time no one will have to bring any snacks!

The movies about to start, all the kids are finding a seat and going through their goodies. Gracie is up front in the blue laying down.

Jadyn would sit for a little while and watch the movie, and then she would wander aroundFixing to get started........

Here's the beginning of the movie. We used a white tarp that Jerred had and it worked out perfectly. My only complaint was that it wasn't loud enough because all of the crickets were singing! So, next time we are going to find some bigger speakers!

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  1. What a neat idea,and you had the best weather to do it in. Looks like fun!