Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Folks Singing........part 1

So, for all you people who don't live in Tull, Old folks singing began in 1885 after the land for the Ebenezer United Methodist Church was bought and built and the third Sunday in May was the dedication of the church. The other two community churches were invited for a "dinner on the grounds" as they called it. There was a regular service in the morning and then a break for lunch and then singing from the Christian Harmony book. It was such a success that the church decided to make it an annual event of singing using the old books, and called it "Old Folks Singing". This was the 124th year, my 9th year to go, and it just amazes me every year. This is a family tradition, that not just our family attends, but many families. Songs are sung, stories are told, good food is shared, and most importantly you are a part of a on-going tradition. One that I hope that my children will someday be standing at the front of that old church telling their favorite old folks singing story, and singing one of those old hymns...............

Don't you just love their faces..........I think this is a good yearbook picture!

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