Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ball game............from a couple of weeks ago!

Ok, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, and the reason it took so long to get them on here is for some reason my computer wouldn't rotate my pictures. I wasn't about to put sideways pictures on here.............Enjoy!

Jadyn and her ring pop that lasted maybe 5 minutes until she dropped it in the dirt.

Gracie has been hitting the ball more, and this game she scored a run!! We really need to work on running!!!

Jadyn and Corbin sitting together and eating their ring pops! ( pre-dirt)

One of the other mom's ALWAYS brings a snack for Jadyn, and Jadyn knows this so as soon as I let her out of the stroller she went over to Amber's stroller and started digging in her bag! Oh, and she always gives her the good messy snacks that I don't give her because she is messy enough!!

I can't believe that we have won our last 4 season games!!! We don't do so well in tournaments for some reason, but we are improving!!

Our last 3 games have been rained out!! Can you believe it? It's not like we've had much rain!=)

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