Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cinderella and Tinkerbell

This year I decided to make both girls costumes for halloween. I wanted to save a little bit of money and I haven't had too much luck with store bought costumes. After doing some shopping on etsy ( i love that site! you can get so many ideas) I decided that Gracie would be some sort of princess and Jadyn would be Tinkerbell. Gracie of course decided on Cinderella. The original plan was for Gracie's to be more of a strapless tulle gown, but that would take so much tulle and as it was I ordered the wrong color and had to send it back. I found a free tutorial on how to make a Cinderella dress based on one of your child's tops and just went from there.

I told her to act like a princess, this is what I got. So cute!

Jadyn, Jadyn, year you will be lucky if I just take a white sheet and cut holes out for eyes because you fought me every time we put your costume on. We're talking about full melt down. These pictures are AFTER the cookie bribe. I think they turned out good considering 20 minutes before she was all red in the face, wet cheeks, and snot nosed from all the crying.

"Fly Tinkerbell!" I bet you didn't know Tinkerbell wore nikes? =)

Are these costumes perfect? Well, no but neither are store bought costumes!


  1. hey was just browsing through blogs n ur lil girls costumes r so lovely. :) just wanted to comment :)

  2. awwww these are absolutely adorable! You've really got a knack for making costumes, and those are some amazing pictures, very professional-looking