Monday, March 1, 2010


We had a pretty uneventful weekend due to everyone being under-the-weather. Gracie ran 102.4 fever all weekend and has the cough, sore throat, and ear ache. Jadyn just has a nasty cough. Jerred and I pretty much are just coughing. Gracie ( bless her little sick heart) must have been feeling bad because all weekend she kept asking to go to the doctor so she can feel better.
Don't you just love calling the doctor first thing on a Monday morning? I think all of Saline county must be sick since it took me until 8:15 just to get through, then I hit the number to leave a nurse a message, so I had to hang up and try again. When I finally dialed it right, I was caller number 25 in Que. We got in, and I was glad because it is extremely hard for me to get away! Gracie has an ear infection in both ears, and wheezing in her chest. Jadyn has an ear infection in the right ear. On to the pharmacy to pick up all 6 of their prescriptions! We get to the pharmacy and wait in the drive-thru lane ( there was no way I was about to take both sick whiny girls inside) forever and it's our turn....................$261.00! No joke! I about died! I asked what all was there and we already had a few of things so that brought our total to $165.00! The entire time I trying to figure out how we had two hundred plus dollars in medicines both girls are in the back seat going Jadyn " i tirrrrrd! I nite-nite!" Gracie " I want to go, come on lady!" Seriously.............and there's like five cars behind me plotting my demise. So I pay get my prescriptions and drive home.

Once home I'm looking through the meds and notice that there isn't an antibiotic for Jadyn. So, I call the pharmacy and sure enough it got called in separately and was still at the pharmacy. GREAT! Drove back and spent another $10! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhh!!

Our normal doctor we see always asks if we want generics on our prescriptions, but this doctor didn't ask, so we got prescribed all medicines that did NOT have a generic form. I was sure it was noted in our chart, but I guess not! Lesson learned today= always ask for generic!

I got this little sweetie a sewing machine for Christmas and she has really been wanting to get it out. I let her today. I just couldn't say not right now to her sad little pale sick face. It has a guard around the needle so she can't stick her finger. The stitches don't stay unless you take a needle and finish the end. REally I don't think she cares!

Sew Happy!! =)

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