Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gracie's First Haircut

Wow! Gracie is four years old and just now having an actual hair cut. We did have it trimmed a few months ago, but this was her first real salon visit. We waited a long, long time for her to have hair, like two years! She was practically bald until shortly before her second birthday. Her hair was down to the middle of her back and had ringlet curls, and to be honest I guess I waited this long to cut it because I knew it would cut those beautiful curls off.

She looks really happy to be getting haircut doesn't she? I asked her the night before if she wanted to get it cut, and of course the answer was YES! She told me where she wanted it cut to (a little below her shoulders, which is what we did) but as the more time went by it kept getting longer and longer until she started crying and saying " I don't want my hair cut! I want my long long hair!" She cried on the way to the salon, but once we got there she was ok.
She was perfect in the chair. She just sat there and watched. Her sister on the other hand was running around the salon screaming like she owned the place.

Here she is after, all smiles!

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