Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why vaccinations are important!

Last week was a rough week for us! Wednesday morning Jadyn woke up and threw up in her bed. I didn't really know what to think about this except just to see what happens next. I gave her some banana and cheerios and just waited to see what would happen. It didn't take long, she got sick again. And again. So, I called my kids parents and let them know what was going on, and told them Jerred could come home to keep the kids, but everyone came and got them. So, my day was spent holding Jadyn, getting her to drink something, and letting her sleep on my lap. By Thursday she was much better................

Here she is day 2. No pictures from day 1 since I was holding her all day!

Now, Gracie's Thursday morning began a little different. She woke up and threw up in her bed, and then got in the shower and kept on, and on, and on. Then the explosive diarrhea came. She couldn't even make it to the bathroom! So, Thursday was spent taking 15 showers, cleaning up throw up and poop, and washing about 20 loads of laundry! The whole time I'm telling myself it's only going to last one day, you can do this! Well, Friday began much the same way, then Saturday, Sunday, and by Monday we took her to the doctor to find out she has Rotavirus!
Yuck!! Yesterday was her first vomit/diarrhea free day!! Almost a week after it began!!

Here she is day 1 or 2 not sure, but she looks awful!!

My whole point is that had Jadyn not had the rotavirus vaccine she would have ended up in the hospital for her first birthday! Rotavirus is an awful illness, and I hope you decided to give you child this vaccine! Gracie spent 6 days of not keeping anything down! My sweet girl who loves to dance and jump around spent countless hours laying on the couch! We hated seeing her like this! We are so glad she didn't have to be hospitalized for this because we did keep her hydrated the best we could.
So, Rotavirus.........
1 bottle of Sprite, 7up, ginger ale
2 bottles of gatorade, pedialyte
5 cans chicken noodle soup
2 cans of lysol
2 containers of clorox wipes
20 loads of laundry
30 showers
2 prescription meds
Jadyn having the rotavirus vaccine.........................priceless!!

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